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The wrist has become one of the more popular areas of the body on which people get tattoos. When tattoos were not as advanced in their design or as socially-accepted as they are today, this would have been a very daring choice. Today, the wrist if often chosen for particularly artistic or meaningful tattoos that say something about the person bearing the artwork on their body. Precisely because it is so visible, it lends itself well to tattoo choices which are particularly intricate and colorful though many individuals choose simpler designs and rely on the location to make the artwork stand out.

Generally, wrist tattoos are inked just above the bone though some individuals choose patterns that extend over the top of the wrist and to the top of the hand. Many tattoos in this area, quite predictably, wrap around the entirety of the arm creating a rather bracelet-like effect. On some occasions, this area is tattooed to cover over tattoos that may have been placed in this area early in one's life and which carry meanings with which one would rather not be associated into adulthood. Because this is one of the smaller areas of the body, coverage is usually fairly inexpensive and a not-too-difficult task for the artist.

Wrist tattoos are oftentimes also used as delimiting pieces of artwork that both start and end a full-arm sleeve. In these cases, the tattoos are usually dense, having either very brightly-colored themes or ornate black work devices that create a natural end and beginning point for the art that encompasses the rest of the wearer's arm. In these cases, the theme of the tattoo logically flows from the theme of the arm sleeve and the designs can be easily incorporated into the artwork as a whole.

For stand-alone designs, the wrist is particularly well-suited to designs which have a great deal of variation in line thickness. For example, one may have a heavily-lined device on the top of their wrist which wraps around with more delicate lines. This is a great way to add some variation and movement to the art which one chooses to place on their body. Those wrist tattoos that extend to the back of the hand oftentimes have this thick-to-thin quality, as well, with the wrapping sections of the artwork extending to the back of the hand and sometimes all the way to the knuckles.

A wrist tattoo should be a piece of artwork that will not be compromised by being located in a small area and one which can be viewed in its entirety from the top of the wrist. Those elements that wrap around the wrist are usually accent features though some designs are very intricate in this aspect. Remember that this tattoo will be visible even when one is wearing long sleeves so choose a design that will be appreciated in all company. Intricate black work and tribal designs are almost always appreciated and very few individuals find them objectionable.

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Tattoo Ideas For the Wrist

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This article was published on 2010/03/26